Invoice Management

TouchFree™ Invoice Management

Asentinels’ TouchFree™ Managed Services (TFMS) allows customers to have 100% of their telecom invoices sent directly to us, where they are loaded into the Asentinel application using the proprietary OIR™ (Optical Invoice Recognition) technology for paper scanning. OIR accurately reads paper invoices, capturing down to the lowest inventory/asset/service code level of detail.


For vendors limited in electronic invoicing medium (i.e. providers of paper invoicing); Asentinels’ proprietary OIR (Optical Invoice Recognition) solution allows customers to have 100% of their paper-based telecom invoices sent directly to the application (re-direct, email or FTP upload). OIR accurately reads paper invoices, capturing down to the lowest inventory, asset, service code level of detail (exclusive of call detail).


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the transfer of data from one computer system to another by standardized message formatting, without the need for human intervention. EDI permits multiple companies — possibly in different countries — to exchange documents electronically. Data can be exchanged through serial links and peer-to-peer networks, though most exchanges currently rely on the Internet for connectivity.

Invoice Custom Imports

We support electronic but non-EDI invoice files. Asentinel’s Invoice Management team will fetch/pull client invoices from i.e. web-sites/portals where they are imported into the application. This task is performed in our corporate office located in Memphis where additional secured measures are taken to protect your information.

Automated Invoice Process


“In developing our new Mobility EDI product via Premier eBill, we needed to work with a partner who understood both the intricate details of the technology and the needs of our mutual customers wanting to audit important aspects of their telecom invoices. Asentinel’s experience and knowledge has been invaluable in launching a successful Mobility EDI bill media!”

AT&T Billing Solutions Team