Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Outsourcing – BPO

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Let Us Do The Work For You

Whereas with Asentinel’s Managed Services solutions, we support your team; with our BPO solution set, we become your team. We offer a variety of telecom management services that serve as a comprehensive outsourcing solution or a la carte to ensure maximum productivity without redundancy.

We believe we have the best combination of technology, processes and the most experienced BPO team to deliver a global outsourced TEM solution. The following solution set comprises Asentinel’s standard outsourced offering. We take great pride in supporting our SLA’s and flexible rules of engagement.

What to look for in a BPO provider?

If you’re having difficulty with telecom expense management (TEM), it may be time to partner with a specialist.  Asentinel offers a variety of services, available as a comprehensive package to compliment your existing processes.

Resolving telecom invoice disputes

telecom Expense Management

Invoice and Expense Management

Asentinel receives 100% of your invoices regardless of carrier, currency, language (Tier I, II) or billing medium. Our solution validates the details to identify erroneously-billed charges such as violations of contract rates, inventory, variance and configured business rules. Invoices are automatically cost-allocated, GL-coded and approved for processing.

telecom Contract Control

Contract Management

Through our ongoing Contract Control service, we review your contracts, extract all of the pertinent rates and discounts, and load them into Asentinel. All Client contracts are tracked for commitment achievement levels and to ensure all services are being procured under the appropriate contract(s).

Telecom Expense Management Provisioning

Provisioning Management

Asentinel provides enhanced Provisioning Management by leveraging our patented TEM Software.  Moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MAC-Ds) are centrally housed and managed within the Asentinel Order Management module and the associated inventory is updated on a real-time basis in direct correlation to the order.  This central repository approach allows for enhanced reporting relative to order status and milestone tracking which is critical to a successful provisioning process.

telecom Asset Management

Inventory Management

We ensure your inventory database remains current and accurate by tracking all fixed, mobile and equipment assets by vendor, client, location, employee, account number, service type, etc. Asentinel’s Customer Defined Fields (CDF’s) ensure that every aspect of each asset is defined and eligible for inclusion in all queries, reports and analytics.

telecom Dispute

Dispute Resolution

Let us initiate, document, communicate, escalate and resolve billing disputes directly with your vendors. We will engage you as little or as much as you desire but be assured, we will deliver results.

A case study Five years of Growth with Asentinel

Analytics and Optimization

Great intelligence and reports become actionable analytics with Asentinel. We combine our technology, telecom experience and contemporary understanding of best practices and competitive environments and turn these into weapons of cost reduction, plan management, vendor accountability, policy compliance and optimization.