Automate Processes

Benefits of Telecom Automation

We tirelessly look for ways to make telecom and mobile expense management as efficient as possible by automating many of the elements and finding the best ways to streamline redundant processes. That’s why our application is such a robust TEM and/or MMS software solution, serving as the foundation of all the services we provide. But automated doesn’t mean complicated at Asentinel. We understand that technology is most willingly adopted when it is user-friendly and our application is just that.

Telecom savings over time

TEM savings over time

“Mobility consumed 20% of my IT Department’s time. By deploying Asentinel’s MMS platform, we gained half of that IT labor back while cutting carrier billing by 23%.”

PSC Primoria Services Corporation

“As our chain grew in size and complexity, we realized that we needed to improve management of our telecom costs. We needed a solution that would automate telecom processes to identify billing errors, efficiently manage multiple invoices, provide audits and provide granular reporting.”

Josh Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar (DLTR:NSQ)

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