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Telecom Expense Management

What is Telecom Expense Management? A lack of visibility into your telecommunications resources is the primary cause of many problems. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) helps your company maximize available resources, identify inefficiencies and streamline business processes. TEM centralizes everything associated with your telecom spending, from your employees’ mobile plans to customer service’s phone systems. Typical functions Telecom Expense Management handles includes managing telecom invoices, procuring equipment, monitoring usage and auditing existing infrastructure.

Asentinel’s patented Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software technology is the lifeblood of Asentinel. We provide a comprehensive, global TEM application that encompasses the entire lifecycle of wireless, wireline, data and equipment assets, as well as invoices, orders and the associated business intelligence and actionable analytics to:


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With Asentinel, all of your telecom assets will reside in one central repository. As invoices are uploaded into the application (by the Asentinel team as a standard deliverable), each line item is audited against your inventory as well as your contracted rates and customized business rules. All provisioning, disputes and tasks are managed within the same application, allowing you to generate the comprehensive reports you need to manage your telecom infrastructure, better forecast budgets and negotiate with carriers from a position of strength and documentation.

Our self-managed or BPO solutions are available as an Asentinel Hosted or Customer Hosted deployment and are so innovative, we’ve been recognized by the United States government with multiple patents for our leading-edge approach to TEM.

Not sure you can do this on your own? We can manage it for you. Take a look at our BPO Solutions.