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Our industry intelligence provides your organization with the knowledge to compare your telecom rates and infrastructure with similarly situated peers.

Bill PayBill Pay

Bill Pay is enabled through a two way integration between the Asentinel TEM application and a third party vendor; ensuring that invoices are paid accurately and quickly while providing payment information to both the Client and to Asentinel.

staff aumentaitonBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We believe we have the best combination of technology, processes and the most experienced BPO team to deliver a global outsourced TEM solution. We offer a variety of telecom management services that serve as a comprehensive outsourcing solutions to ensure maximum productivity without redundancy.

central_repositoryCentral Repository

Our telecom services and solutions use a centralized repository for TEM data and automated reporting tools to ensure that all invoice and provisioning data is received and mapped in an efficient and accurate manner.

TEM_Contract_ControlContract Management

Through our ongoing Contract Control service, we review your contracts, extract all of the pertinent rates and discounts, and load them into Asentinel. All Client contracts are tracked for commitment achievement levels and to ensure all services are being procured under the appropriate contract(s).

Contract_NegotiationContract Negotiation

Ensuring competitive rates on your behalf and assisting with the entire lifecycle of the RFP process is a significant driver of expense reduction and resource support.

Dispute Resolution

Let us initiate, document, communicate, escalate and resolve billing disputes directly with your vendors. We will engage you as little or as much as you desire but be assured, we will deliver results.

Telecom Spend AuditHistorical Audit

By gathering all telecom touch points – invoice, spread sheets, contracts, etc. – and performing a historical audit, you are well on your way to ROI.

Inventory Mangement

We ensure your inventory database remains current and accurate by tracking all fixed, mobile and equipment assets by vendor, client, location, employee, account number, service type, etc. Asentinel’s Customer Defined Fields (CDF’s) ensure that every aspect of each asset is defined and eligible for inclusion in all queries, reports and analytics.


MobileCheck+ is a Web-based portal that allows users to differentiate business calls from personal ones, increasing workplace efficiency. This optional telecom managed service provides additional accountability and reporting in compliance with corporate policy. It also remembers identity designations and uses analytics to define calls.

Invoice and Expense ManControl Expensesagement

Asentinel receives 100% of your invoices regardless of carrier, currency, language (Tier I, II) or billing medium. Our solution validates the details to identify erroneously-billed charges such as violations of contract rates, inventory, variance and configured business rules. Invoices are automatically cost-allocated, GL-coded and approved for processing.


An analysis and recommendation of your network elements, services and technologies provide a foundation for efficiency and effectiveness.

ProvisioningOrder Management / Provisioning

Asentinel provides Order Management by leveraging our patented TEM and MMS Software.  Moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MAC-Ds) are centrally housed and managed within the Asentinel Order Management module and the associated inventory is updated on a real-time basis in direct correlation to the order.

professional_servicesProfessional Services

Asentinel’s Telecom Management (TEM) Professional Services are one-time engagements to help your team identify and manage valuable telecom information. From historical audits to contract negotiations, these services can kick-off your TEM program or serve as an add-on to identify further savings and efficiencies after implementation.

staff aumentaitonStaff Augmentation

Our team of specialist will enhance your staff to facilitate focused activities and/or provide incremental manpower.


TouchfreeTEM, Asentinel uploads invoice data from 100 percent of your global carriers. This solution is agnostic with respect to provider, currency, language (Tier I or II), billing medium or telecom service time. Our predominant invoice medium is EDI, but Asentinel also leverages our Custom Import engine and proprietary OIR™ (Optical Invoice Recognition) technology to accurately and rapidly process all non-EDI invoices.