An Intuitive Platform

The Asentinel application was developed in 2000, under contract for a large client. This Financial Institution was in search of technology to automate the Telecom Management (TEM) lifecycle to include Invoices, Inventory, Orders, Vendors, Contracts, Reporting and Analytics. Asentinel 1.0, as it was known at the time, was deployed in 2002 as a Customer-Hosted, self-managed solution and the Bank’s results were impressive. Subsequently, the Asentinel platform has evolved to address hundreds of clients and the contemporary and dynamic nature of fixed and mobile communications across voice, data, and unified communications (UC) networks.

One client referenced Asentinel (the software) as the heart and brain of the body; the body being his company’s technology infrastructure. He cited Asentinel serving as the intelligent data source by which all other critical processes and decisions flow through and share information with. Another client referenced the Asentinel platform as “the most intuitive application I have ever used”. Whether it is the relational database structure, use of Java, AJAX, Modals… the 150 proprietary claims referenced in our patents, or the fact that with each new release, the enhancements, functionality and technology are never compromised, we are confident we have developed and deploy…the World’s Best TEM solution.