Our People make the difference

While a best-in-class Platform (the Product) and a means to deploy and support the product and client (Process) are a given in TEM, it is the People “P” that Asentinel views as our distinctive competence. To start, we are a private company, solely owned by our Officers and Directors. Asentinel is a wholly organic organization having grown from three initial employees to 100+; we are not the result of any mergers, acquisitions or roll-up’s.

Since 2002, we have aligned our staffing, resources, infrastructure and solutions to our clients. We are structured to be agile, flexible, and customer-centric. By way of example, all members of our Client Service Management organization has, or is actively pursuing, their PMP certification.  Our BPO (Outsourcing) organization is comprised of mature, telecom-savvy specialists with significant knowledge of networks, carrier invoicing, dispute management, telephony contracts, optimization strategies. Our head of Network Management is CISSP certified.

Our people came to Asentinel knowing they would be a contributor to a boutique TEM firm as our mission of delivering the world’s best TEM solution has not altered since our founding. We are also very sensitive and accommodating to our clients. When a new customer is implemented, the same client-facing team at the BPA is the same as the group that provides training and support; no hand-off’s, just lots of personal attention and continuity.

We also realize that the People in Platform, Process and People are about our client’s people. Whether it is the option of a SaaS or Customer-Hosted model or a self-managed, managed services or outsourcing (BPO) solution and services set, Asentinel understands that we are here to make your day and role more efficient and effective, not hard and complicated. We do the heavy lifting during implementation, we accommodate your training and support needs and we look at everything we do from the eyes and chair of the customer. As such, our people component is good people serving as technology and service partners to our clients.