Managed Mobility Services BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) FAQ's

How do End Users pay for their device?

With a credit card through the MMS platform.

How are device purchases initiated?

Device purchases are initiated by the End User or Administrator through MMS.

How do I know the End User owns the device?

All BYOD purchased inventory is tagged in MMS.

What if the End User needs a device, but their line isn’t eligible for an upgrade?

Depending on your mobile policy the End User could leverage an upgrade from an alternate line on the company account and receive the discounted device price OR be required to purchase the phone at the suggested retail price. It’s up to you.

Can I control what kind of devices my End Users buy?

Yes, you can specify which devices are eligible for purchase by User Group in MMS.

Can the End User buy device insurance with a credit card?

Yes, the End User can leverage a recommended 3rd party insurance vendor.

If the End User already has a device can they move it onto their line?

Yes, as long as the device technology is compatible with the carrier and the device is cleared for activation (e.g. not reported lost/stolen, connected to an account with a past due balance, etc.)

If I’ve negotiated special pricing for devices with the carrier for my company, will my End Users be able to take advantage of that pricing?

Yes, your End Users will be able to take advantage of your special pricing. NOTE: bill credits will post to the corporate account and will not be applied to the End User device purchase price

Will the End User be able to take their device with them if they leave the company?

Yes, the device will be flagged in MMS as “BYOD” so you’ll know they own the device. You can initiate the transfer to a personal account by opening a ticket in MMS.