“Asentinel saved us more in the first week than our annual service fee– and that’s without quantifying the reduced workload and stress on Hampton’s IT staff.”

– Brian Millsap, CIO, Hampton Products

A Mobile Strategy Built to Last

Manufacturers are challenged to optimize round-the-clock quality and productivity while coordinating complex inventory and supply chain issues. Managing the organization’s mobile devices shouldn’t add to these challenges. The same principles that foster manufacturing efficiency can be applied to mobile management: automate the process as much — and as fast — as possible.

That’s what Asentinel has done for top manufacturing companies like Primesource, Master Halco and Hampton Products. Rather than divert costly IT resources to the problem of managing mobile phones and service plans, these companies are using Asentinels’ Mobility Managed Services to manage their mobile device spend, reporting, security and support from a single, simple user interface.


Why Asentinel for Manufacturing companies?

Prevent overspending and reduce carrier billing costs by 15%-40% — within days of deployment. The simplicity of the MMS solution makes it easy to begin realizing savings very quickly, and prevent overspending moving forward with each request being processed at the best cost available.

Centralize the execution and self-management of all user device orders and service requests. Let users order new devices, make their own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) purchases, swap devices, add/remove service plans, suspend/cancel wireless lines, process warranty exchanges, and open troubleshooting requests in seconds — all from one, easy-to-use platform, and all under policy-based management control.

Minimize management logistics. Set up approval flows so you only have to manage the exceptions, and no longer have to get someone involved in every mobile transaction. Let your IT staff focus on more strategic, revenue-driving initiatives, instead.