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"Mobility consumed 20% of my IT Department’s time. By deploying Asentinel's’ MMS platform, we gained half of that IT labor back while cutting carrier billing by 23%."

Mobilize Technology Innovation

Tech companies operate in a highly competitive environment that demands speed and responsiveness. Mobile technology has redefined how the best-performing companies operate. But costs can quickly spiral out of control, and mobility management can become a very expensive distraction.

That’s why companies like Netsuite (NYSE: N), Websense (NASDAQ: WBSN) and Ultimate Software (NASDAQ: ULTI) have turned to Asentinel to help automate, speed up and simplify how devices are purchased and managed while freeing their IT teams to focus on boosting innovation instead of babysitting mobile devices.


Why Asentinel for Technology companies?

Simplify and accelerate mobile device adoption by enabling Hybrid BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deployment. Combine the convenience of self-managed BYOD device purchases with the economy of corporate-billed service plans. Users can buy the device of their choice on a personal credit card, while the company has a very simple and automated way to control user plan costs, manage assets and provide support. This easy-to-use solution also provides the ideal foundation for scaling to higher numbers of users and devices.

Prevent overspending on domestic and international calling. Users are automatically directed to the lowest-cost plans and, with a few clicks, they can add the most appropriate international plan before they travel. One more click and the plan can be scheduled for automatic re-set to the original arrangement upon return, minimizing the risk of wasted service charges.

Reduce IT support by enabling users to self-manage devices within company policy, including following designated approval flows for exception cases. It’s no longer necessary to drain costly IT resources by placing staff in the middle of every mobile device transaction.

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