What's the Difference? MMS vs. EMM vs. MDM

MMS vs. EMM vs. MDM


Mobility is constantly changing. Every second these devices are connecting and sharing data without the user fully aware of what’s happening in the background. This creates a huge headache for your company’s IT department and, inevitably, puts your business at risk.

What's The Difference

  • MMS (Managed Mobility Services): According to TEMIA (Technology Expense Management Industry Association), MMS is an umbrella term coined by Gartner that covers everything needed to acquire, provision and support integrated cellular and/or wireless devices. Including expense management, help desk, MDM, support/implementation services and device logistics.
  • EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management): Essentially, EMM is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management): MDM platforms secure, monitor and support mobile devices in the field.

Asentinel’s outcome-based approach allows us to improve the vision and the execution of global Managed Mobility Services for our customers. Under this umbrella of services, we have combined Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), along with the services needed to plan, procure, provision, activate, manage and support the mobile lifecycle.

We break down our core deliverables for MMS into six categories:

Sourcing and Logistics Management:
Asentinel provides self-service capabilities to purchase, provision and activate mobile network services and mobile devices for both corporate-liable devices and hybrid BYOD users.

Mobile Service Management:
Our solution provides a 360-degree view into your global mobile network contracts and mobile devices, with the ability to audit and monitor users’ mobile network service usage and availability in real-time to ensure mobile spend is optimized.

Device and System Management:
By providing visibility into device specific data, Asentinel is able to measure and optimize device performance, while managing and optimizing cellular connection options. Our help desk provides 24-7 global support to address users’ technical request .

Application and Collaboration Management:
Unlike many of our competitors, Asentinel is laser-focused on release and change management to ensure updates, upgrades and patches/fixes do not impact your users.

We take security of your data seriously. That’s why Asentinel, in collaboration with our customers, has created policies for resource entitlement, such as type of device, service plans and the allowance of third-party apps on devices.

Program and Financial Management:
When it comes to third-party providers, Asentinel acts as an agent on your behalf, ensuring we properly handle service outages, network performance and coverage issues, warranty management, device upgrade management, and local number portability transfer issues, along with device financing plans, program audits, payments and disputes.

Which Solution Is Right For You?

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Customer Quote

“Our margins have greatly improved as the Asentinel software has allowed our team to dramatically manage more lines per employee.”
SVP, Large Financial Services Company