Managed Mobility Services Migration

Migration from Individual (IL) to Corporate Liable (CL) FAQ’s

What is required from the End User?

If the line remains with the same carrier: The transfer can be initiated through MMS. Before the transaction is completed the End User must call their carrier and authorize the release of their line to the company. In addition, the End User must make sure their line is not an anchor line on a family plan, if it is they must move it to a sub-line/add-a-phone.

If the line moves to another carrier: The transfer can be initiated through MMS, no additional authorization is required from the End User.

Can the End User keep their device?

Yes, as long as the End User remains on the same carrier. In some cases GSM devices can be interchanged between networks, however this may require device unlocking from a 3rd party.

Will the End User be charged an Early Termination Fee?

No, as long as the End User remains on the same carrier.

Will the End User lose their upgrade eligibility?

No, as long as the End User remains with the same carrier their upgrade eligibility date will remain intact.

If the End User was on a family plan should they change their plan after their line is moved to the company account?

Now that the End User is no longer on the family plan it is likely they’ll need less voice, data and text allowance. The End User should consult their carrier directly for more cost effective plan options.

How do I know what plan the End User should be on when they transfer to the company account?

Asentinel will automatically prescribe the most effective plan option for the End User’s line during this transition.

What should I consider if I want to move the End User to a different carrier?

Depending on the End User’s current contract end date they may be charged an Early Termination Fee. In addition a new device may be required depending on the End Users existing carrier and the carrier they will be moving to.

If the End User leaves the company can they keep their number?

If the line remains with the same carrier: Yes, with the company’s approval, the End User’s line can be transferred back to their personal account by opening a ticket in MMS. NOTE: the End User must have an active personal account with the carrier for the transfer to be completed.

If the line moves to another carrier: Yes, with the company’s approval, the End User would process this request directly with their carrier of choice. NOTE: depending on the contract end date on the line the company may be subject to an Early Termination Fee.

Breaking News: Tangoe to be combined with Asentinel


Tangoe to be combined with Asentinel to create a market leader

LOS ANGELES & ORANGE, Conn. & MEMPHIS, Tenn. April 28, 2017 — Marlin Equity Partners (“Marlin”), a global investment firm, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Tangoe, Inc. (OTCPK:TNGO) (“Tangoe”) for $6.50 per share in cash. Tangoe is a global leader in telecom expense management (“TEM”) solutions that enable enterprises to manage and optimize spend across multiple IT categories by providing visibility into the complex processes associated with their assets and expenses.

“After careful consideration and deliberation, our Board of Directors concluded that the sale of Tangoe to Marlin was in the best interest of Tangoe and its shareholders,” said Jerry Kokos, Executive Chairman of Tangoe. “Given its deep bench of operational resources and excellent track record of acquiring and growing businesses in the TEM market, Marlin is an ideal partner for Tangoe. This transaction provides the opportunity for immediate and substantial value to Tangoe shareholders, while also allowing Tangoe greater flexibility to execute on its long-term strategic vision.”

At closing, Marlin intends to combine Tangoe with its existing portfolio company Asentinel, a provider of TEM software and services. The combination would create a market leader managing more than $38 billion of IT and telecom spend on behalf of over 1,300 customers worldwide. The new company would operate under the Tangoe brand with Jim Foy continuing to serve as CEO, with Tim Whitehorn, CEO of Asentinel, serving as the Chief Product Officer.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Marlin and combine with Asentinel, and see tremendous benefit in combining Tangoe’s global scale and comprehensive offering with Asentinel’s heritage of technological innovation,” said Mr. Foy. “The breadth and depth of our combined product and service capabilities, delivered on a global scale, should enable us to provide a compelling value proposition to our customers,” added Mr. Whitehorn.

“We look forward to working closely with the Tangoe and Asentinel teams to develop world-class solutions and drive customer success,” said Peter Chung, a principal at Marlin. “This agreement further supports Marlin’s long-term commitment to the TEM market and the value we believe these solutions deliver to customers.”

Follow this link to read the full press release: