Managed Mobility Services On Boarding Process
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Managed Mobility Services On Boarding Process

Day 1

  • Contract Signed
  • Clients signs off on contact (1 day)

Days 2-14

  • Creation of Server and Branding
  • Call to establish Branding Requirements
  • Creating of Server and Branding MMS

Days 15-18

  • Training 1: EMM Basics: 90 minutes

    a. Frontend – client facing interface

    b. Backend –¬†back office facing interface

    c. Carrier Rules

    i. creating plan and device inventory

    ii. review plan and device relation

    iii. review customer view

  • New Customer Upload

    i. company

    ii. carrier

    iii. creation of wireless upload template

  • Training 2: Uploading a New Customer cont.: 90 minutes

    a. Finalize Wireless Template

    b. Upload Wireless Template

    i. error correction

    ii. review plan aliases

    c. Upload Invoices

    i. validation process

    d. Create Access Rules

  • Training 3: Review EMM Reports: 90 minutes

    a) Purpose

    b) Functionality

Days 18-30

  • Weekly Meetings to discuss issues