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Easy-To-Use Technology

Asentinel Managed Mobility Services is a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform allows users to self-manage policy-compliant device purchases and plan selections, while automating the management of associated costs, assets, usage, plan changes, invoice processing, security, reporting and help desk support. So everything involved with managing a company’s mobility happens fast from one user interface, without draining IT and Finance team resources.

we make it easy

We’re easy to do business with and it shows.

  • 100% Transparency – We know you don’t like surprises and neither do we, so we show you a detailed breakdown of what we can save you on your wireless carrier bill/s before you deploy our solution.
  • No long term contracts. Ever. – We want happy customers that find value in our solution, not customers that are stuck in long term contracts, so we allow you to leave at anytime within the first 12 mos. of our Agreement with only a 60 day notice. After that it’s month-to-month – that simple.
  • Real ROI in days – Clients typically save anywhere from 1-3X our fees within one bill cycle. This doesn’t include the operational savings or value of improved uptime, control and visibility.
  • Scalable pricing – Our pricing fits companies with 100 devices to enterprises with over 10,000. We want to deliver the benefits of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to all companies interested so they can harness the power of mobility, faster.
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Solutions for Mobility Management

MMS Lite MMS Fully Managed
MMS Platform Access 24X7 24X7
Customizable Reporting (exportable via CSV, excel, PDF, email and API) × ×
Real Time Expense Management × ×
Real Time Service Plan Optimization Done by Customer Done by Asentinel
Invoice Processing + Usage Based Cost Allocation × ×
Monthly Invoice Optimization Recommendations × ×
Mobile Expense & Usage Reporting × ×
Inventory, Service Plan & Contract Management × ×
Monthly Account Review (via conference call + web meeting) × ×
Mobile Policy Enablement × ×
Automatic Usage and Expense Alerts (via SMS and email) × ×
Designated Account Manager × ×
End User Access Visibility Only MACD + Visibility
Web Services API for Integration w/ HR, Accounting SSO, ServiceNow Visibility Only MACD + Visibility
MMS Platform Live Support 5am-5pm PST  (M-F) 5am-5pm PST  (M-F)
Named Callers 2 2
1 P.O.C for All Mobile Carrier Support ×
Tier 1 Help Desk 5am-5pm PST  (M-F)
MACD + Order Management ×
Configurable Workflow & Hierarchy Approval ×
Contract Term 1 year (60 day out) 1 year (60 day out)