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Your organization can stay on top of telecom expenses by handling the complete life cycle, from service and equipment procurement to billing, but existing accounts receivable departments don’t have the resources and expertise to correctly handle these business processes. Telecom and Mobile Expense Management fills in this gap with specialized knowledge and solutions designed around maximizing efficiency, reducing costs and handling telecommunications assets.

The Best Practices For Choosing A Telecom Expense Management Solution

Telecom  represents one of the top five line item expenses for most companies. Naturally you are interested in reducing and controlling these expenses so your company performs better. This whitepaper serves as a tool to help you evaluate telecom expense management (TEM) solutions and to better understand how TEM can help you gain control. This whitepaper:

  • Identifies the 10 components of an effective telecom management program
  • Reviews the differences between fixed and mobile communications
  • Provides framework for justifying the cost of telecom expense management

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