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Asentinel Transcends Industry Milestones

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, February 25, 2014 – Asentinel, a technology-drivenTelecommunications Lifecycle Management companyannounced that it has exceeded a record $2B in client Telecom spend under management.

“What makes this metric momentous is that this represents the current cumulative Telecom spend under active management”, commented Richard Janis – Asentinel’s Sr. Vice President. Simply stated, if you added up the current Telecom spend being supported by Asentinel’s proprietary, patented platform – Asentinel 9, whether delivered to a client as a Managed Service or Outsourcing solution, the combined Telecom expenditures now exceed $2B annually.

Hyoun Park, Founder and Principal Consultant, DataHive Consulting commented; “Only a few telecom management vendors have grown their spend under management to the billions of dollars level. Asentinel’s achievement in exceeding $2 Billion, purely through organic growth, represents a combination of longevity and customer loyalty that is rare in this industry.”
Contributing to this performance:

  • Asentinel executed a record-breaking year in 2013 including the contract award of one of the largest global financial institutions.
  • The implementation of two major non-US based IT and Business Outsourcing firms, the world’s largest independent provider of insurance claims management solutions and more than two dozen additional new customers.
  • Asentinel’s current quarter represents multiple client additions to include one of the world’s largest staffing and recruitment firms, a leading provider of healthcare information and automation solutions, and a major supplier of enterprise IT services to the government sector.
  • Asentinel continues to maintain an exemplary record of a 95+% client retention standard which includes 7 of the Top 30 US Banks (asset size), 4 of the Top 10 retailers in the US (store count), and 2 of America’s 10 Largest Private Companies (Forbes).

Janis stresses that “Asentinel’s position as a flexible, agile ‘boutique’ firm with a focus on the holistic solution of Platform, Process, and People is the company’s distinctive competence and will serve as the springboard for continued success and achievements. In addition, our experience in creating partnerships and delivering excellence will be a key focus for accelerating our already strong growth.”