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About Asentinel

Asentinel automates the Telecom Expense Management lifecycle

Asentinel is a technology solutions company. We hold the most comprehensive patents in the industry. While others throw people at problems, Asentinel and our clients use robust Telecom and Mobile Expense Management software to automate the entire process, ensuring the solution stays in place within your organization even as the environment changes. The result is that you experience the most efficient, streamlined Telecom Management ecosystem possible, whether you use your team or ours to manage it.

Asentinel eliminates paper invoices

Paper invoices clog up the telecom department and make it almost impossible to audit and allocate the telecom spend. Asentinel delivers 100% electronic invoices. We work diligently with carriers to receive all client invoices in the most automated fashion. For the small percentage that cannot provide EDI or an electronic file for our Custom Import process, Asentinel’s engineers developed our Optical Invoice Recognition (OIR) technology, which allows us to “read and map” all data and service code detail from a paper invoice and upload it into Asentinel. Unlike manually entering invoices or offshore scanning, our OIR technology allows us to present an invoice with the highest level of accuracy and detail—all delivered without any incremental cost.

Asentinel gets results

Efficiencies in process and workflow are a leading reason to implement a TEM solution, but we never lose sight of the 800 pound gorilla in the room; companies implement TEM to save money. Asentinel provides the deepest invoice audit, checking each line item against more than 500 audit and business rules. And all those savings add up. According to The Aberdeen Group, Asentinel saves its customers 6.0 – 8.7% more than other best-in-class providers. When you take into account that Aberdeen also concluded Asentinel’s comprehensive implementations are also faster than other best-in-class providers, it is easy to see how you can save more, sooner with Asentinel.

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