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Our Clients

Asentinel is immensely proud to have 600+ enterprise clients realizing value from our Technology-enabled TEM solutions. This is attributed to focused organic growth and a respected 95+% retention rate. Our $2B+ in spend under management is realized from clients that range from $1M to $500M in annual telecom expenditures. The two largest classifications of Asentinel’s client base are US-based large enterprises and US-based multi-nationals. We support in excess of two dozen vertical industries, and growing…

What our clients say


  • The Asentinel application is the most intuitive software I have ever seen or used. Asentinel is everything and more than advertised. Implementation went from initial ‘project kickoff’ meeting to acceptance and in production in less than five months.

    , IT Planning & Administration at Telecom Expense Management at Top 20 US-bank
  • One of the best things that Asentinel delivers aside from the product is the ability to make you feel as if you are their only customer – even though you know there are many, many others…

    , Director at Corporate Technology Business Planning
  • Josh Jewett

    As our chain grew in size and complexity, we realized that we needed to improve management of our telecom costs. We needed a solution that would automate telecom processes to identify billing errors, efficiently manage multiple invoices, provide audits and provide detailed granular reports.

    Josh Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar, Inc.
  • Ramon Mora

    I believe the application to be one of the most robust TEM applications in the market.

    Ramon Mora, at Harris Bank
  • Team Member

    In developing our new Mobility EDI product via Premier eBill, we needed to work with a partner who understood both the intricate details of the technology and the needs of our mutual customers wanting to audit important aspects of their telecom invoices. Asentinel’s experience and knowledge has been invaluable in launching a successful Mobility EDI bill media!

    Team Member, AT&T Billing Solutions Team at AT&T Billing Solutions
  • Chavdar Momchev

    Equity Office has seen actual telecom spend reductions across the organization. Beyond reductions in spending, the Asentinel solutions have also helped us negotiate better contracts across its growing wireless usage through accurate statistics needed to negotiate ‘smart’. The availability and speed of access to information exceeds expectations. Asentinel is amazing! We cannot go through a day without. It’s like bread and butter for us.

    Chavdar Momchev, Director-Voice & Data Communications at Equity Office Properties
  • Metropolitan Bank Group

    Awesome team (Sales, Project Management, Training), top 1% of the vendors that I’ve encountered. Excellent knowledge of product, willingness to meet and exceed customer requirements and an absolute can do attitude from the beginning and throughout. There’s no accounting for having the comfort that the vendor has real world hands on experience with Telecom Expenses.

    Metropolitan Bank Group, CIO at Metropolitan Bank Group
  • Before Asentinel, paying telecom bills was like that episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ where she and Ethel were working at the candy factory. We did our best to keep up with the billing but they were coming in faster than we could manage.

    , CIO/Director of Information Technology at Fulton County, Georgia at
  • Asentinel has produced an exceptional product, with the support and engineering backend to support it. They provided a comprehensive solution for us, and also went above and beyond to work with us on developing processes and best practices since bringing TEM in house was completely new to us-they adapted to our changes well as we worked through some point of decisions in our implementation. We are thrilled with the product, and the implementation!

    , CIO at Regis Salons