MMS Platform

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) Platform

Easy-To-Use Technology

Asentinel MMS is a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform allows users to self-manage policy-compliant device purchases and plan selections, while automating the management of associated costs, assets, usage, plan changes, invoice processing, security/MDM deployment, reporting and help desk support. So everything involved with managing a company’s mobility happens fast from one user interface, without draining IT and Finance team resources.

Service That Will Make You Smile

We understand happy customers come from great service, so that’s why we have a group of Mobility Mavens standing by ready to make sure you get the best mobile experience possible.


Why Asentinel For Mobility Management?

Simplify and accelerate mobile device adoption by enabling Hybrid BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deployment. Combine the convenience of self-managed BYOD device purchases with the economy of corporate-billed service plans. Users can buy the device of their choice on a personal credit card, while the company has a very simple and automated way to control user plan costs, manage assets and provide support. This easy-to-use solution also provides the ideal foundation for scaling to higher numbers of users and devices, and to deploy device-level management capabilities including MDM security, access control and app management when needed.

Reduce IT support by enabling users to self-manage devices within company policy, including following designated approval flows for exception cases. It’s no longer necessary to drain costly IT resources by placing staff in the middle of every mobile device transaction.

Squeeze out mobility costs. Prevent overspending on service plans, and reduce carrier billing costs by 15%-40%. Begin realizing savings in days, not weeks or months, thanks to the simplicity of the Asentinel MMS solution.

Keep closer tabs on your organization’s mobile spend. See accurate, real-time cost reporting by business unit, user, or cost code, and prevent overspending by ensuring that users are signing up for the most cost-effective service plans.

Scale to simple and flexible MDM capabilities when needed by building on the superior mobile user management capabilities of Asentinel MMS. This foundation enhances the value of device-level extensions including MDM security, access control and application management.