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The Asentinel Difference

At Asentinel, we like to talk in terms of delivering solutions, not just products. We use words like holistic, comprehensive, problem-solving, efficiency, enhancements, value-creation, productivity, alignment, and collaboration. We get there by ensuring excellence in execution across each contributing factor: Platform, Process and People.


Our platform has evolved to address hundreds of clients and the contemporary yet dynamic nature of fixed and mobile communications across voice, data and unified communications (UC) networks.


As the old adage goes, good software without a good process, soon becomes dusty shelf-ware. Our very first focus is to understand every aspect of the customer’s current and desired state.


Our people came to Asentinel knowing they would be a contributor to a technology firm as our mission of delivering the world’s best telecom solutions has not altered since our founding.

A few of our clients


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Why Choose Asentinel?

Asentinel is first and foremost a technology solutions company. We hold the most comprehensive patents in the industry. While others throw people at problems, Asentinel and our clients use robust TEM software to automate the entire TEM process, ensuring the solution stays in place within your organization even as the environment changes. The result is that you experience the most efficient, streamlined Telecom Management ecosystem possible, whether you use your team or ours to manage it.​


  • Josh Jewett

    As our chain grew in size and complexity, we realized that we needed to improve management of our telecom costs. We needed a solution that would automate telecom processes to identify billing errors, efficiently manage multiple invoices, provide audits and provide detailed granular reports.

    Josh Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar
  • Chavdar

    Equity Office has seen actual telecom spend reductions across the organization. Beyond reductions in spending, the Asentinel solutions have also helped us negotiate better contracts across its growing wireless usage through accurate statistics needed to negotiate ‘smart’. The availability and speed of access to information exceeds expectations. Asentinel is amazing! We cannot go through a day without. It’s like bread and butter for us.

    Chavdar, Director-Voice & Data Communications at Equity Office Properties
  • Chris Cobb

    Awesome team (Sales, Project Management, Training), top 1% of the vendors that I’ve encountered. Excellent knowledge of product, willingness to meet and exceed customer requirements and an absolute can do attitude from the beginning and throughout. There’s no accounting for having the comfort that the vendor has real world hands on experience with Telecom Expenses.

    Chris Cobb, Site Maker at Metropolitan Bank Group
  • Paul Nishiyama

    The Asentinel MMS solution makes it very easy for us to manage anything that has to do with wireless.

    Paul Nishiyama, VP of Operations at Johnny Rockets
  • Maurice Smallwood

    Mobility consumed 20% of my IT Department’s time. By deploying Asentinels’ MMS platform, we gained half of that IT labor back while cutting carrier billing by 23%.

    Maurice Smallwood, VP of IT at NETSUITE (NYSE:N)
  • Brian Millsap

    Asentinel saved us more in the first week than our annual service fee – and that’s without quantifying the reduced workload and stress on Hampton’s IT staff

    Brian Millsap, CIO at Hampton Products
  • Nick Schrunk

    The Asentinel EMM platform gives us complete control over our mobile environment plus the peace of mind that we are not overpaying for carrier services.

    Nick Schrunk, Director of IT at Primoris (NASDAQ: PRIM)

Leadership Team